Hardin Medical Center Labor & Delivery

After 40 weeks of incredible growth and change, the arrival of our little one is near. Your birthing experience at Hardin Medical Center begins with a warm welcoming environment in our Labor & Delivery unit. On admission you will be brought back to Labor & Delivery while family is asked to wait approximately 45 minutes while you are assessed, IV is started, ultrasound is done, and consents are completed. While you’re in labor, our specially trained nurses will help make you comfortable while monitoring your progress and communicating closely with the physician. Our birthing suites consist of state-of-the-art technology to care for patients during the entire labor and delivery process. A fully equipped surgical suite and recovery room with physician and surgery team, who are available 24 hours a day, are located on Labor & Delivery if a cesarean birth becomes necessary.

Many women find their birth experience is more comfortable when they have someone close at their side. Two support visitors may accompany you throughout your delivery and may switch with others every hour. One support person may also accompany you to a cesarean birth if necessary, to protect the health of our newborns, please no other children under age 14 except for your own in labor and delivery. A separate support person must accompany any child under age 14. In addition, please discuss video and camera usage with your doctor prior to your arrival at the hospital. Families usually spend up to 2 hours in the Labor & Delivery suite after the birth of their baby. This is a time for you to bond with your baby and rest following your delivery. If cesarean birth is required, we will return your baby to you as soon as possible.

Following the birth of your baby, you and your infant will spend the remainder of your stay in our Maternity Unit and Well Baby Nursery located on the third floor by Labor & Delivery. You will be cared for by highly skilled nurses who are trained and experienced in both mother and baby care. You may choose to have your baby stay in your room or in our Well Baby Nursery while you rest. We encourage you and your family to participate in your infant’s care as well as your own. Let us know what is important to you as you go through the recovery process so that we may help you learn what is needed to care for yourself and your infant. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day with quiet time from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. each day to make sure your new family has quiet time together with out unwanted interruptions. Children under the age of 1 year cannot visit the Postpartum Unit unless they are a sibling. We are a closed unit and patients are not allowed off our floor. One support person is allowed to stay with you each night. Please remember we are a smoke-free facility.

Some exciting services we offer our families:

  • Parents will receive a free Papa John’s pizza during hospital stay and one at home.
  • Newborn photography with online service.
  • To ease your mind, a strong security system is in force to protect you and your baby.
  • Pre-registration available, this should be done the fifth month of pregnancy in the hospital’s Admissions Department. This will assure you immediate check-in when it is time for delivery.
  • Do not forget to listen for Braham’s Lullaby after your delivery.
  • Tours of our unit areas are available.