Hardin Medical Center Laboratory

Hardin Medical Center Laboratory is one of the best equipped, rural laboratories in the state of Tennessee and has been accredited 'with distinction' by the College of American Pathologists. The accreditation places it in the same level of accreditation as much larger laboratories, such as the Mayo Clinic, Jackson Madison County Hospital, and laboratories at university hospitals and larger Tennessee hospitals. The lab is also an integral part of the facility's disaster preparedness. Our personnel have received advanced training to recognize and detect microorganisms commonly used in acts of biological terrorism. Where most rural laboratories out-source a large portion of their tests, Hardin Medical Center performs 98% of all tests ordered by local physicians. The lab provides inpatient and outpatient testing to assist your physician in your diagnosis and treatment. We can even perform the tests for out-of-town specialists and fax them the results on the same day. HMC Laboratory has local testing for:

Hardin Medical Center Laboratory is in the forefront of laboratory technology and our tests are performed on current, up-to-date instruments and equipment. Some of the newer technologies include processes such as Immunoassay, PCR Probe Technology, Flow Cell Cytology, Chemical Color Reaction, and Computerized Assisted Quality Testing. Hardin Medical Center Laboratory also strives to meet the needs of the community through health fairs, demonstrations at local schools, laboratory tours, an affiliation with Northeast Mississippi Community College and Medical Laboratory Technician Clinical Studies Site. For more information about our laboratory,  call 731.926.8121. Our Laboratory staff includes Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Phlebotomists, Laboratory Assistants and Medical Laboratory Necessity Coding. Hardin Medical Center Laboratory is Certified and Licensed by: American Society of Clinical Pathologists CLIA(Federal Government), CLIA(State of Tennessee),   and the DNV.

Important Information about your lab tests:

According to CLIA, the ordering physician is the only authorized person to receive lab results. As usual, there are exceptions. The physician can make a request that a patient be allowed to receive results directly from the performing lab. Each lab will have its own requirements as to how the physician can give permission; an attached signed note, sent along with the specimen and test requisition, a phone call where the physician can provide the sample requisition number, or a faxed note requesting you be given the results. [A standing order is also acceptable.]

You do have the right to have a copy of your lab results, and your doctor will give you a copy. The reason you must obtain the results from a physician actually makes good sense. Most lay people are not familiar with laboratory terminology. This is why it is better to have your doctor give you a copy; s/he has the opportunity to explain the values to you. Normal lab results vary person to person, depending on their medical history. A value that might be considered too high for most people, might be where your doctor wants your results, according to your condition.