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Another important acronym: The EPSRs

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Executive involvement is a key component to Patient Safety

IT'S PATIENT SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK—We are committed to Patient Safety at Hardin Medical Center. During this week, we wish to enhance our focus even more by reinforcing our commitment to our Fundamental Five. We have asked our leaders to implement these five behaviors, tools, or practices throughout our organization to help build a culture where safety is valued and actively pursued. This helps ensure that HMC is a safe place to receive and provide care.

Leaders have a unique and significant role in creating and sustaining an organizational culture that supports and promotes safety. Thus, the administrative leaders of Hardin Medical Center have committed to performing monthly Executive Patient Safety Rounds (EPSRs) in all departments/services of the organization. The entire executive team is divided into three teams. Each Executive team rounds in their assigned departments/services each month, engaging with staff, leaders, and providers and discussing opportunities, addressing barriers, and supporting/celebrating progress/improvements related to Safety and Quality Healthcare.

These Executive Patient Safety Rounds are explicitly intended to:

1. allow Senior Leaders consistent/scheduled opportunities to interact/engage with frontline staff, physicians, and others and to hear concerns/ideas/perceptions related to safety.

2. Provide a culture of psychological safety which allows staff and physicians/providers to speak up for safety.

Commit to participate/engage with facility leaders during Executive Patient Safety Rounds.

TOGETHER, we are better, stronger, safer. Everyone is vital to patient safety.

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