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Community Partners
Community Partners



Hardin County Medical Center is part of the Hardin County Health Council, which is an organization that works closely with the local health departments and all other health and social services within the region. From Clifton to Counce and beyond, HMC is a passionate partner delivering support and resources to improve the health outcomes of our region.

HMC also partners with and sponsors other organizations in our communities, including Hardin County High School's Workforce Alliance Partnership for Placement (WAPP) Program, whose mission is to ensure all students at Hardin County High School are aware of the careers that are available in our local area and to understand how to choose a career path. 


Click on the logos to learn more about some of our community partners.

If your organization is helping to build a culture of health and wellness in our region, reach out and become a new community partner! 

Hardin County Medical Center
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Financial Assistance
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Financial Assistance



Hardin Medical Center (HMC) is committed to treating all patients equitably, with dignity, respect, and compassion. HMC provides services in anticipation of payment by the patient and/or guarantor for those services rendered. HMC determines eligibility for financial assistance and assists patients in qualifying for available payment sources. HMC offers patients eligible for financial assistance a reasonable variety of payment options or terms for payment, including partial payment. HMC will provide a self-pay discount in compliance with Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA)-68-11-262. The discount percentages will be evaluated annually and adjusted as necessary. This uninsured discount will be applied based on total charges before any other discounts for which the patient qualifies.


The benefits offered by this policy depend upon the patient providing the requested information necessary for determining eligibility. Failure of the patient to provide the requested information on time will result in the application of standard collection processes.

I. Identify whether the uninsured or medically underinsured patient is able or partially able to pay for services, utilizing a sliding scale to determine the patient's ability to pay based on % of current year HHS Poverty Guidelines.

Financial Asst chart 1-01.png

II. Identify whether the uninsured or medically underinsured patient with income over 200% and less than 400% of the poverty guidelines is eligible for a discount. Suppose the patient's gross income exceeds 200%, but less than  400% of the poverty guideline and their out-of-pocket liability in a single encounter exceeds $5,000. In that case, they are eligible for a 25% discount on their out-of-pocket liability.

III. Identify whether the uninsured or medically underinsured patient is eligible for payment arrangements.

Financial Asst chart 2.png

IV. All self-pay non-financial assistance/indigent patients are eligible for a 10% prompt pay discount; if the balance is paid in full within 30 days of the first statement and the balance due is more than $100.00

V. All self-pay patients must pay upfront or aftercare deposits for services rendered regardless of their charity status.

VI. Additional discounts must be approved by the CEO and CFO.

VII. The uninsured or medically underinsured patients may be approved for charity/indigent care if the total owed to the hospital is more than $100.00. However, if the balance is less than $100.00 balance is to be paid in full.

VIII. HMC Physician Service accounts will follow the same hospital guideline for charity/indigent care discounts.

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Pricing Transparency

Understanding Charges

Although understanding your healthcare charges and costs can be overwhelming, HMC wants our patients to be aware that the price you see is very seldom the final price you will pay. 

Many variables come into play regarding your hospital bill and the amount you will pay. The length of your hospital stay, the medications you receive, and changes to your care plan can all affect the final bill. Insurance companies further influence the bill through insurance deductibles, co-insurance, and pre-negotiated allowable service charges.

More often than not, hospital charges are additionally reduced by discounts determined by the government through Medicare and Medicaid, discounts negotiated by commercial health plans with each individual healthcare provider, or internal hospital discounts provided through uninsured discounts and financial assistance policies.  

After the layers of discounts, allowable charges remain.  At this point, your individual health insurance plan defines the deductible, co-payment, and coinsurance you will be responsible for paying the hospital.  

Below you will find links to the HMC procedure charge listing. 


For more information or if you have questions, please call the HMC Billing Department at 731-926-8000 for assistance.

HMC Charge Master Pricing Configurator

Note: The downloadable information on this web page contains hospital procedures and service charges only.  You may receive separate bills for services from physician groups, such as primary care physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists, Emergency Department physicians, or other specialty physicians. If you have medical insurance, HMC will bill your insurance company for you as a courtesy. After your insurance company has processed your claim, they will let you know what charges remain to be paid, and you will receive a statement from our medical billing service. Sometimes, the physician group may not be in network with your insurance company, so you may be responsible for any unpaid balances.



Effective January 1, 2024

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HMC Credentialing Coordinator

Brittany Bennett

935 Wayne Road

Savannah, Tennessee 38372

Direct Line: (731) 926 - 8206

Office Phone: (731) 926 - 8121

Fax: (731) 926 - 8303

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