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Hardin County EMS HMC Hardin Medical Center
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Hardin County EMS Service



The Hardin Medical Center Emergency Department provides patient care 24 hours a day- seven days a week - 365 days a year. Fully equipped with advanced life-saving technologies, our emergency care team is poised for rapid response at all levels of emergency management—from assessments through trauma, acute, and critical care.


Laboratory and Radiology Services are located on-site. In addition to providing follow-up referrals, we can suggest urgent care services for individuals with non-emergency conditions.


HMC is also a fully accredited Chest Pain Center which means the entire facility works together to provide the best possible care for the chest pain patient. From the moment a patient dials 9-1-1 with chest pains – to the patient's discharge after a heart attack or cardiac intervention. Practiced protocols are in place that save the lives of cardiac patients every day.



You will receive a separate bill for any services rendered by the attending physician in the emergency department from Schumacher Group.

Don't hesitate to contact the physician's billing office if you have questions regarding your attending physician's billing statement.

For emergency room services rendered, please mail payment to:


Hardin Emergency Group LLC

P.O. Box 731584

Dallas, TX 75373-1584

Or call 1-888-703-3301



Co-pays and deductibles are required to be paid before medical services are rendered. If you are the patient but do not have insurance, a deposit will be required before the treatment/or medical screening. All Emergent patients will be treated. Charity Care applications are available at the admission window if you need financial assistance.



Hardin Medical Center is committed to caring for all people regardless of their ability to pay. If you cannot pay for part or all of our services, please request a financial assistance application. We would be happy to evaluate your eligibility to receive assistance. Please call (731) 926-8136 for a copy of our Charity, Uninsured, and Indigent policy or if you have any questions.

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