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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

At Hardin Medical Center, everyone is committed to patient safety.

IT'S PATIENT SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK—We are committed to Patient Safety at Hardin Medical Center. This week we wish to enhance our focus even more by reinforcing our commitment to our Fundamental Five. We have asked our leaders to implement these five behaviors, tools, or practices throughout our organization to help build a culture where safety is valued and actively pursued. This helps ensure that HMC is a safe place to receive and provide care.

The first of these Fundamental Five is the daily Safety Brief. A brief is a short (as the name implies) proactive planning session attended by all team members at the beginning of a work day/shift. The brief should include a useful discussion of any past, current, or anticipated safety concerns identified which could impact the team's work.

The brief allows the team to:

  • Connect and activate the team by providing an opportunity to assess/address their individual and collective physical/mental status as they prepare to take on the demands of the day/shift

  • Share and/or clarify important information to improve awareness, readiness, efficiency, and cooperation

  • Foster effective communication and problem-solving.

Commit to starting each shift/day with an effective and meaningful Safety Brief.

TOGETHER, we are better, stronger, safer. Everyone is important to patient safety.

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